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Chuck Klosterman IV, a decade of curious people and dangerous ideas

Chuck Klosterman IV, a decade of curious people and dangerous ideas
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non fiction
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Chuck Klosterman IV
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a decade of curious people and dangerous ideas
This book consists of three parts: Things That Are True: profiles and trend stories: Britney Spears, Radiohead, Billy Joel, Metallica, Val Kilmer, Bono, Wilco, the White Stripes, Steve Nash, Morrissey, Robert Plant--all with new introductions and footnotes. Things That Might Be True: opinions and theories on everything from monogamy to pirates to robots to super people to guilt and (of course) advancement--all with new hypothetical questions and footnotes. Something That Isn't True At All: This is new fiction. There's an introduction, but no footnotes. Well, there's a footnote in the introduction, but none in the story.--From publisher description
Table Of Contents
Things that are true. Southern-fried sex kitten : Bending spoons with Britney Spears ; (This happened in) October : Mysterious days ; Call me "Lizard King" : No-- really: I insist. : Crazy things seem normal, normal things seem crazy ; 1,400 Mexican moz fans can't be (totally) wrong : Viva Morrissey! ; Chomp chomp : The amazing mcnugget diet ; McDiculous ; My second-favorite Canadian : The Karl Marx of the hardwood ; Deep blue something : That 70's cruise ; "Deep Sabbath" : In the beginning, there was Zoso ; Not a whole lotta love ; Disposable heroes : Band on the couch ; Unbuttoning the hardest button to button : Garage days unvisited ; The ice planet goth : Something wicked this way comes ; Fitter, happier : No more knives ; The American Radiohead : Ghost story ; Bowling for the future (and possibly horse carcasses) : Local clairvoyants split over future ; But I still think "all for Leyna" is awesome : The stranger ; Debriefing agent zero : Gummi bear all-american ; Someone like you : Dude rocks like a lady ; Taking the streets to the music : Untitled geezer profile ; Five interesting corpses : The ratt trap : how is real? : the tenth Beatle : here's "Johnny" ; Fargo rock city, for real : To be scene, or not to be scene -- Things that might be true. The two motives hypothetical : Bonds vs. America ; The grizzly hypothetical : Nemesis ; The transformation hypothetical : Advancement ; The unknown companion hypothetical : I do not hate the Olympics ; The dress code hypothetical : Three stories involving pants ; The court of public opinion hypothetical : Don't look back in anger ; The brain hypothetical : Not guilty ; The life plagiarist hypothetical : Cultural betrayal ; The universal morality hypothetical : Monogamy ; The joe six-pack hypothetical : Certain rock bands you probably like ; The Hitler theft hypothetical : Pirates ; The robot war hypothetical : Robots ; The cannibal's quandary : Super people ; The future prediction quandary : Chaos ; The desert island hypothetical : 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 ; The telekinetic hypothetical : Pong x infinity ; The stereotypical Jesus hypothetical : I wanna get free ; The apocalypse hypothetical : Television ; The general tso's hypothetical : Singularity -- Something that isn't true at all. You tell me
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