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Classic stories of World War II

Classic stories of World War II
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Classic stories of World War II
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"World War II brought grief and destruction, but it also inspired some of the most impassioned literature in history. Classic Stories of World War II includes excerpts from novels such as James Jones's From Here to Eternity and Joseph Heller's Catch-22, as well as real-life accounts of the Battle of Britain by Guy Gibson and the exploits of the French Resistance by Nancy Wake. More than a dozen riveting stories of the war from esteemed authors are featured, providing the reader with a rich variety of perspectives that will bring a new understanding of this global conflict"--, Provided by publisher
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A perfect morning (from The Young Lions) / Irwin Shaw -- Lunghua camp (from Empire of the Sun) / J. G. Ballard -- The big day (from From Here to Eternity) / James Jones -- The landing on Kuralei (from Tales of the South Pacific) / James A. Michener -- Shall live for a ghost? (from The Last Enemy) / Richard Hillary -- Billy Pilgrim (from Slaughterhouse Five) / Kurt Vonnegut -- Battalion in defence (from Officers and Gentlemen) / Evelyn Waugh -- Anopopei (from The Naked and the Dead) / Norman Mailer -- Some were unlucky (from Enemy Coast Ahead) / Guy Gibson, VC -- Major major major major (from Catch-22) / Joseph Heller -- The invasion of Papua (from Retreat from Kokoda) / Raymond Paull -- Stalingrad : the story of the battle (from Stalingrad : Point of Return) / Ronald Seth -- The White Mouse and the Maquis d'Auvergne (from The White Mouse) / Nancy Wake -- The invaders (from The Moon is Down) / John Steinbeck -- The blooding of the compass rose (from The Cruel Sea) / Nicholas Monsarrat -- Hiroshima : the fire (from Hiroshima / John Hersey
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