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Hardiness, making stress work for you to achieve your life goals, Dr. Steven J. Stein, Dr. Paul T. Bartone

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Hardiness, making stress work for you to achieve your life goals, Dr. Steven J. Stein, Dr. Paul T. Bartone
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Dr. Steven J. Stein, Dr. Paul T. Bartone
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making stress work for you to achieve your life goals
"What is it you want out of life? It could be financial success, recognition of your achievements, satisfying relationships, meaningful work, being a more competitive athlete, or coping better with challenges such as a serious illness. Whatever your goal may be, you've likely encountered obstacles holding you back and impeding your success. One of the biggest of these barriers is often stress. Stress can be addressed in a number of ways, but three, based on 30 years of psychological research, have been found to be most important manifestations. People who master these three areas of stress, or hardiness, as we prefer to call it, enjoy more of life's rewards and, research suggests, they tend to live longer lives. We refer to these as the 3 C's, commitment, control, and challenge. This book contains real-life examples, exercises, and activities for increasing your hardiness. Learning to embrace the 3 C's can help everyone, from all walks of life, move toward becoming healthier, more self-actualized, and increasingly satisfied with their lives and futures. Together, we will introduce readers to their new potential made possible by a better understanding of hardiness"--, Provided by publisher
Table of contents
Introduction -- Chapter 1 Stress: What's All the Fuss? -- Chapter 2 Commitment: Why Pursuing Purpose in Life Matters -- Chapter 3 Building Commitment -- Chapter 4 The Role of Hardiness-Challenge -- Chapter 5 Building a Challenge Mindset -- Chapter 6 Understanding Hardiness-Control -- Chapter 7 Getting Yourself More in Control -- Chapter 8 How Hardiness Works to Protect Health and Performance -- Chapter 9 Hardiness at Work -- Chapter 10 What We Can Learn from Hardiness in High-Stakes Performance Careers -- Chapter 11 The Role of Hardiness in First Responders -- Chapter 12 The Hardy Leader -- Chapter 13 Hardiness at the US Military Academy-West Point -- Chapter 14 Hardiness and Your Health -- Chapter 15 Moving from Life Stress to Life Success -- Conclusion

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