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The power of heart, when and how to get out of your brain, Amy Bloch, M.D

The power of heart, when and how to get out of your brain, Amy Bloch, M.D
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The power of heart
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Amy Bloch, M.D
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when and how to get out of your brain
Most of us have been raised to believe that we can solve any problem if we think about it hard enough. We spend years honing our intellect, knowing that our brains are our best line of defense against whatever roadblocks life throws us. But each and every one of us has a secret weapon to call upon when brainpower isnt enough, and that is Heart. Amy Bloch discovered the power of heart quite by accident. An accomplished psychiatrist, fully in control of her professional and family life, Amy was dealt what she thought was a devastating, insurmountable set-back when her daughter Emily was born with a severe brain malformation. Amy tried desperately to "fix" Emily, and exhausted herself in her efforts to deal with the "problem" using her intellect, going at it brain-firstthe default way we tend to approach challenges in our society. Emily, on the other hand, lives completely heart-first: she simply doesnt have the capabilities to approach life brain-first. Yet to Amys initial surpriseand ultimately, to her great admirationEmily is remarkably happy and successful. The Power of Heart is the distillation of what Emily taught Amylessons that are applicable to anyones life. Learning to be Emilys mom and observing how Emily approaches life prompted a radical change in Amys life. It also transformed her work with patients in her professional practice, where she witnessed over and over again how getting out of brain and into heart made life deeper and richer, less stressful, and more meaningful. While the brain is amazing, powerful, and useful, it does come with limitations. Theres some stuff the brain just doesnt know, which is where heart comes in. Tapping into heart helps your brain perform better, and makes you stronger and smarter than you will ever be trusting only your brain. Heart will allow you to live with uncertainty; find strength, resilience, courage, and persistence in tough times; cast off self-criticism and doubt, and have a lot more confidence and fun. The Power of Heart is for readers of all ages and walks of life who are ready to move beyond the brain-first strategy, and embrace heart as well
Table Of Contents
Acknowledgments: how a brain-first mom learned to be more in heart-and how it saved her life -- Heartstrong: how heart helps -- Just keep swimming: finding strength, courage, hope, and resilience when waters are rough -- The power of "I don't know": living with uncertainty -- Justice vs. just is: managing difficult emotions -- This above all: to thine own self be true: who you really are, what you really want, and what is really true -- Purpose and meaning: living your "big thing" -- Heart to heart: connection and belonging -- Love: the real superpower -- Whole-heartedly: freedom, peace, wonder, and joy
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