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Our child of the stars, Stephen Cox

Our child of the stars, Stephen Cox
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Our child of the stars
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Stephen Cox
Molly and Gene Myers had a happy marriage, but after a succession of miscarriages, their perfect relationship has frayed at the edges. Now they fear it might be beyond repair. Then a meteor crashes to earth in Amber Grove, throwing the town into chaos. Working at the local hospital, Molly sees the devastation first-hand and she's there when the survivors are brought in, including a child pulled from the wreckage, barely alive. The orphaned boy is in desperate need of a mother. And soon the whole world will be looking for him. A plan is hatched: Molly and Gene will adopt the boy as their own and protect him from prying eyes. But this is the 1960s and the Cold War is at its height. In this time of creeping paranoia and dread, keeping Cory safe will come at a cost: to the Myers, to their friends and to the town of Amber Grove itself. The miracle that saved Molly and Gene's marriage brings with it a secret that could tear the world apart
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