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The Cold War, by Elizabeth Sirimarco

The Cold War, by Elizabeth Sirimarco
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non fiction
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The Cold War
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by Elizabeth Sirimarco
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American voices from--
Presents the history of the Cold War through excerpts from letters, newspaper articles, speeches, and songs dating from the period. Includes review questions
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Thaw and freeze: What are we fighting for? Country Joe McDonald's song of protest -- Nixon in China -- Nixon in the USSR -- Cold War renewed: Jimmy Carter's State of the Union address -- Reagan denounces an evil empire -- Homeland hysteria: Alger Hiss case -- Witness describes the Rosenberg execution -- McCarthy on Communists -- Outspoken critic: Senator Margaret Chase Smith on the witch hunts -- Be prepared: Office of Civil Defense warns Americans -- Ban the bomb: Peace activists speak out: Manifesto: Einstein and Russell send a warning -- Satirist's perspective: "We will all go together" -- American women march for peace -- Young activist: Samantha Smith writes to Andropov -- Physician speaks out: Dr. Helen Caldicott -- End in sight: Conclusion of the Cold War: Reagan's star wars speech -- Public radio report: Superpowers meet -- Negotiation breakdown: Gorbachev on the Reykjavik summit -- "Tear down this wall": Reagan in Berlin -- Journalist remembers: Dan Rather at the wall -- Time line -- Glossary -- To find out more -- Index
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