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Love in the age of mechanical reproduction, Judd Trichter

Love in the age of mechanical reproduction, Judd Trichter
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Love in the age of mechanical reproduction
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Judd Trichter
Eliot Lazar fell in love with an android, which is the kind of thing that can get you killed in late 21st century Los Angeles or anywhere else for that matter - anywhere except the man-made island of Atlantis, far out in the Pacific, which is where Eliot and Iris are headed once they get their hands on a boat. But then one night Eliot knocks on Iris's door only to find she was kidnapped, chopped up, sold for parts. Unable to move on and unwilling to settle for a woman with a heartbeat, Eliot vows to find the parts to put Iris back together again--and find who did this to her and get his revenge. With a determined LAPD detective on his trail and time running out in a city where machines and men battle for control, Eliot embarks on a bloody journey that will take him to edge of a moral precipice from which he can never return, from which mankind can never returnSet in a near-future LA, a man falls in love with a beautiful android -- but when she is kidnapped and sold piecemeal on the black market, he must track down her parts to put her back together
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