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The Black Market

A Virginia Beach pharmacy tech gets into big business on the black market in this crime thriller series debut by the national bestselling author of Wifey.Misty Heiress starts out with good intentions. Her cousin Jillian is in constant pain and the doctors refuse to prescribe. So Misty takes matters into her own hands, stealing opioids from the pharmacy where she works. But soon enough, Misty and Jillian are in business, selling to local dealers to get out of debt. Now they're on their way to making their dream come true—as long as nothing goes wrong.Misty's knows her boss is running his own side business. But when his mafia partners start increasing their demands, Jillian comes up with a risky plan to make sure they get their share. And when the Feds start calling, it's all too much for Misty. Soon enough, everyone's big money schemes will have them paying the ultimate price . . .
The Black Market

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