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It's not rocket science, 7 game-changing traits for achieving uncommon success, Mary Spio

It's not rocket science, 7 game-changing traits for achieving uncommon success, Mary Spio
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non fiction
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It's not rocket science
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Mary Spio
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7 game-changing traits for achieving uncommon success
" Rocket scientist, internet entrepreneur, and popular speaker Mary Spio presents practical advice for beating the odds, breaking the mold, and charting your own path to achieve true success Mary Spio, the United States Ambassador of Innovation, went from being a barefoot girl in Ghana to a rocket scientist with major patents with Boeing. Mary is also an internet entrepreneur who speaks throughout the world about how anyone with a dream and some tools can harness the digital world for success and prosperity. In IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, she presents advice and empowering stories that will inspire readers to move beyond their comfort zones into mastery and empowerment. IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE reveals the habits and traits of people who defy convention, overcome limited thinking, and crush the odds to achieve breakthrough success-and shows readers how to strike their own uncommon path. It shares the secrets to cultivating curiosity, creativity, compassion, audacity, passion, obsessive focus and tenacity to attain their dreams and change the world. It's not Rocket Science is an inspiring and entertaining read for anyone who desires to be empowered with the mindset needed to propel their life to new heights. Learn how some of the world's most successful people shatter boundaries. Discover how your difference creates your relevance and your significance. Uncover your inner spark and learn how to fuel your own flame. Understand why a Defy-ing Moment is a defining moment. Find your path to success -however you define it. "--, Provided by publisher"Insights and inspiration about achieving great success, from a self-made entrepreneur and scientist"--, Provided by publisher
It is not rocket science
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