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Bonded By Blood

From her deathbed, where HIV is choking away her last breaths, Black Girl, an infamous ex-prostitute of Atlanta's Auburn Avenue 'ho stroll, exacts two promises from her three young teen-aged sons, Khalil, B-Man, and Quantavious. She does not try to fool herself that the boys will be anything but hustlers. Hustling is in their blood from both ends, hers and her father's, Rapheal, who was Black Girl's pimp before drugs knocked them both on their asses and destroyed Rapheal's stable of top-notch 'hos. In Khalil, Black Girl sees the making of a boss mack, much like his pops. In B-Man, her middle son, she sees a fierce jack boy and a heartless killa. In her baby boy, Q, Black Girl prophesizes a major drug king pin. Together, she knows her sons can rape the game from all angles and put ATL in a chokehold. But to do so, they must never let money, 'hos, jealousy or envy come between them. They must remain bonded by blood, which she makes them promise at her deathbed. Black Girl also makes them promise to forgive Rapheal, and not hold her demise against him. But some promises are hard to keep, especially when hate, jealousy, and envy run deep. When fast money, dimed up chicks, unspoken grudges and unforgivable violations are tossed into the mix, will a deathbed promise to their mother be enough to stop the bloodshed once it begins? Which brother will remain standing in the end?
Bonded By Blood

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