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English grammar for ESL learners, Ed Swick

English grammar for ESL learners, Ed Swick
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English grammar for ESL learners
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Ed Swick
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Practice makes perfect
The go-to guide for clear, precise explanations of all aspects of English grammar. As a beginning learner of English, you might find that grammar concepts can be confusing. To make progress with your English skills, you need guidance through tricky grammar areas. This book will help develop mastery. The more you practice, the more you become proficient in how you use English. It will help increase your confidence in writing and communicating in English by helping you: --Understand the different rules and elements of grammar --Build your grammar skills with more than 100 engaging exercises --Broaden your knowledge with sentence rewrites and creative writing prompts --Test your overall comprehension with a comprehensive review section
Table Of Contents
Nouns -- Definite and indefinite articles -- Adjectives -- Personal pronouns -- Verbs -- Auxiliary verbs -- Passive voice -- Subjunctive mood -- Adverbs -- Contractions -- Plurals -- Punctuation -- Infinitives and gerunds -- Relative pronouns -- Reflexive pronouns -- Possession -- Possessive pronouns -- Prepositions -- Capitalization -- Comparative and superlative forms -- Conjunctions -- Interrogatives -- Negation -- Numbers -- Some important contrasts
English grammar for English as a second language learners
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