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Fierce fairytales, poems & stories to stir your soul, Nikita Gill

Fierce fairytales, poems & stories to stir your soul, Nikita Gill
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non fiction
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Fierce fairytales
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Nikita Gill
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poems & stories to stir your soul
Table Of Contents
A universal truth -- Once upon a time -- Once upon a time II -- For the cynic -- Somewhere across the univers, this intergalactic fairytale is being told -- A tale of two sisters -- The fable in thermodynamics -- The woods reincarnated -- Whispers from the wicked woods -- The miller's daughter -- Half of Rumpelstiltskin seeks redemption -- Why Tinkerbell quit anger management -- Boy lost -- Wendy -- Child's play -- The red wolf -- Cinderella's mother sends her a message from heaven -- The stepmother's tale -- Lessons in surviving long-term abuse -- Fairy godmother -- Two misunderstood stepsisters -- Trapped -- Badroulbadour -- The shoemaker's son -- Sheherazade the clever -- Wonderland villain -- The hatter -- How a hero becomes a villain -- Beauty and bravery -- Cry wolf -- Jack's fable unfalsified -- Goldilocks -- The three times you rebuilt your house-shaped heart -- Take back your fairytale -- The dragon witch's daughter -- Waking beauty -- Seven -- The evil queen -- Gretel after Hansel -- Hansel's letter to his son -- Belladonna -- The little mermaid's mother speaks to her unborn baby -- The sea witch's lament -- An older and wiser little mermaid speaks -- Lessons from the Not-So-Wicked Witch for Dorothy -- Rapunzel, Rapunzel -- Rapunzel's note left for Mother Gothel -- Baba Yaga -- Why the sun rises and sets -- Why the leaves change colour -- Why it rains -- The moon dragon -- The tale weaver -- The modern-day fairytale -- Ode to the catcaller down the streetThe girl goes after the wicked king who trapped her in the tower -- Pandora's mind -- The trolls (after Shane Koyczan) -- Difficult damsels -- Hunger: the darkest fairytale -- Vengeance born -- The art of emptiness -- The moral of your story -- The looking glass -- The giant's daughter -- Charming -- Metamorphosis -- Princess plain -- Phoenix blood -- Man up, Hercules -- Devour your monsters -- In absentia: a common curse -- Of kings and queens -- Sevengali girl (after Simon says) -- The ogre -- Mothers and daughters -- In the old days -- In the old days II -- How you save yourself -- Nothing soft about it -- Motherly advice -- Skeletons in the garden -- The shapeshifter -- What's in a name -- For all our hidden witches -- Question the fairytale -- Kiss the dread -- Four spells to keep inside your mouth -- Forest person -- The healing -- Happily ever after
Poems and stories to stir your soulFierce fairy tales
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