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A leader's guide to cybersecurity, why boards need to lead--and how to do it, Thomas J. Parenty, Jack J. Domet

A leader's guide to cybersecurity, why boards need to lead--and how to do it, Thomas J. Parenty, Jack J. Domet
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non fiction
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A leader's guide to cybersecurity
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Thomas J. Parenty, Jack J. Domet
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Includes bibliographical references pages 199-209 and index
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why boards need to lead--and how to do it
"Companies are investing an unprecedented amount of money to keep their data and assets safe, yet cyberattacks are on the rise--and the problem is worsening. No amount of technology, resources, or policies will reverse this trend. Only sound governance, originating with the board, can turn the tide. Protection against cyberattacks can't be treated as a problem solely belonging to an IT or cybersecurity department. It needs to cast a wide and impenetrable net that covers everything an organization does--from its business operations, models, and strategies to its products and intellectual property. And boards are in the best position to oversee the needed changes to strategy and hold their companies accountable. Not surprisingly, many boards aren't prepared to assume this responsibility. In A Leader's Guide to Cybersecurity, Thomas Parenty and Jack Domet, who've spent over three decades in the field, present a timely, clear-eyed, and actionable framework that will empower senior executives and board members to become stewards of their companies' cybersecurity activities. This includes: Understanding cyber risks and how best to control them Planning and preparing for a crisis--and leading in its aftermath Making cybersecurity a companywide initiative and responsibility Drawing attention to the nontechnical dynamics that influence the effectiveness of cybersecurity measures Aligning the board, executive leadership, and cybersecurity teams on priorities Filled with tools, best practices, and strategies, A Leader's Guide to Cybersecurity will help boards navigate this seemingly daunting but extremely necessary transition"--, Provided by publisher
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Introduction: Digital stewardship -- Part 1. The problems: Misleading platitudes -- Hidden dynamics -- Misguided voices -- Part 2. The principles: If you don't understand it, they didn't explain it -- It is the business at risk -- Make cybersecurity mainstream -- Engage motivation -- Part 3. The foundation: Manage cyber risks -- Fortify the company -- Lead in crisis -- Part 4. The aides: Aide mémoire: manage cyber risks -- Aide mémoire: fortify the company -- Aide mémoire: lead in crisis
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