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Homicide, life on the street, A & E and NBC, Bonus disc

Homicide, life on the street, A & E and NBC, Bonus disc
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Homicide, life on the street
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A & E and NBC
Charm city (Part 1 to Homicide episode For God or Country in season 4): A gas attack in a downtown New York subway station puts Detective Lennie Briscoe and Rey Curtis on the trail of the perpetrator. Pembleton connects the attack to a similar that occured years before in Baltimore, so he and Bayliss head to New York to assist with the investigation. However the Baltimore detectives quickly discover that their methods strongly conflict with those of New YorkBaby It's you (Part 1 to Homicide episode Baby it's you in season 6): Detectives Briscoe and Curtis investigate the death of a 14-year-old fashion model and find that the cause of death was toxic shock syndrome. It is later discovered that altough the girl died in New York, the toxic shock was triggered by a violent sexual assault that may have taken place at the victim's home in Baltimore. While the victim's parents retain an attorney to protect themselves, Detectives Briscoe and Curtis enlist the help of Baltimore Detectives Munch and Falsone to assist in the Baltimore end of the investigationSideshow (Part 1 to Homicide episode Sideshow in season 7): Detectives Briscoe and Curtis investigate the murder of a high-level federal official who was found dead in Battery Park. When they realize the official had been transferred from Baltimore, they collaborate once again with the Baltimore homicide squad. Their investigation indicates that the victim had been romantically involved with another high-level government official, whose career would be ruined if the press found out about their tryst. Jack McCoy and Ed Danvers are summoned to Washington by the independent counsel and McCoy is threatened to be jailed for contempt if he doesn't reveal his source. Although Briscoe and Curtis apprehend the suspect, he evades trail when the F.B.I. claims jurisdictionHomicide, the movie: Former Shift Commander Al "Gee" Giardello is running for Mayor of Baltimore on a controversial platform that has earned him more than a few enemies. Just as he is about to deliver a political speech, Gee is shot multiple times and is rushed to the hospital. His former colleagues, including Bolander, Munch, Pembleton, Bayliss, Ballard, and Dr. Cox reunite to investigate the incident
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Law & Order cross over episodes: Charm city -- Baby it's you (pt. 1) -- Sideshow (pt. 1) -- Homicide: the movie
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