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Out of the blue, Alison Bliss

Out of the blue, Alison Bliss
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Out of the blue
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Alison Bliss
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A perfect fit
After an ultimatum from her doctor, Preslee Owens heads to the gym for the first time in her life. Despite a mortifying misstep on her first visit, she discovers a surprising support network and a well of personal courage that could change everything she thought she knew about herself"Preslee Owens is happy with her single life and her plus-size body. But a visit to the doctor leads to a prescription to make a lifestyle change before her 'pre-diabetic' status escalates to permanent. So she steps foot in the local gym for the first time ... and almost steps right back out amid the overwhelming testosterone levels. Just when she's ready to quit, the sexy gym owner, Adam Caldwell, gives her a much-needed pep talk. When he offers to be Preslee's personal trainer, she immediately agrees because ... who wouldn't? Figuring that the more the merrier, Preslee invites her girlfriends to join her with a get-healthy, girl-power pact. Not only do they revitalize the gym's atmosphere with a fresh, wellness vibe, they also inadvertently save Adam's business. With this success comes a new energy and a new outlook on life, and Preslee finally has the confidence she has been missing for her whole life. But will she have the courage to follow her heart?"--, Provided by publisher
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