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Easy Hindi, learn to speak Hindi quickly!, Brajesh Samarth, PhD

Easy Hindi, learn to speak Hindi quickly!, Brajesh Samarth, PhD
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non fiction
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Easy Hindi
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Brajesh Samarth, PhD
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learn to speak Hindi quickly!
Concise and user-friendly, this is perfect for anyone who wants to learn Hindi -- whether on their own or with a teacher. This language learning book is the perfect introduction to Hindi for beginners. It enables users to begin efficiently communicating from the very first day, and its compact size makes it an excellent tool for travelers or business people looking to learn Hindi on the road without giving up on any content. Includes: ---Useful notes on the Devanagari script, pronunciation, sentence structure, vocabulary and grammar; ---Sections covering greetings, requests, idiomatic expressions and everyday situations; ---Cultural information about Indian etiquette as well as do's and don'ts; ---A Hindi dictionary of the most commonly-used words and phrases. Includes free online audio provides pronunciation with many hours of native-speaker recordings of the dialogues, vocabulary, and exercises. --, Amazon.com
Table Of Contents
Foreword: Namaste! Welcome to Hindi! -- An introduction to the Hindi language and writing system -- Introducing yourself -- Asking directions -- Going shopping -- Talking about your family -- Celebrating birthdays -- Being invited to an Indian wedding -- Indian wedding customs -- Planning a trip -- Indian cuisine -- Reporting a lost item -- Cultural notes at a glance -- Answer key -- English-Hindi dictionary -- Hindi-English dictionary
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