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A time to fight, living and remembering WWII, Robert D. Anderson

A time to fight, living and remembering WWII, Robert D. Anderson
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non fiction
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A time to fight
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Robert D. Anderson
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living and remembering WWII
With an interest in history, London portrait photographer Robert D. Anderson illustrates a passing of 75 years by photographing living history actors alongside WWII veterans. From those who landed on the shores of Normandy, to the men, women and children who fought on the Home Front, Robert has managed to capture a time when the world was gripped by war. Featuring the brave men and women involved in the escape from the Dunkirk beaches; the defeat of Rommel in Africa; the Battle of Britain; the invasion of Italy; D-Day; Operation Market Garden; Battle of The Bulge and finally the crossing of the River Rhine into Germany. The stories of their individual war experiences come to life through their portraits and memories. For some it was the first occasion that they had opened up to remember their time to fight. With tears of joy and sadness, this book delves into the personal moments that have never been told before
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Land -- Air -- Sea -- WRENS/WAAF/Nurse -- War-time children
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