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The expectation effect, how your mindset can change your world /, David Robson

The expectation effect, how your mindset can change your world /, David Robson
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non fiction
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The expectation effect
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David Robson
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how your mindset can change your world /
"A journey through the cutting-edge science of how our mindset shapes every facet of our lives, revealing how your brain holds the keys to unlocking a better you"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
The prediction machine: How your beliefs shape your reality -- A pious fraud: How beliefs can transform recovery from illness -- Do no harm: How expectations can hurt as well as heal--and how to break a curse -- The origins of mass hysteria: How expectations spread within groups -- Faster, stronger, fitter: How to take the pain out of exercise -- The food paradox: Why indulgence is essential for healthy eating -- De-stressing stress: How to turn negative feelings to your advantage -- Limitless willpower: How to build endless reserves of self-control and mental focus -- Untapped genius: How to boost your own--and others'--intelligence, creativity, and memory -- The super-agers: Why you really are as young--or old--as you feel
Your mindset can change your worldMindset can change your world

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