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Living by the word, selected writings, 1973-1987, by Alice Walker

Living by the word, selected writings, 1973-1987, by Alice Walker
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Living by the word
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by Alice Walker
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selected writings, 1973-1987
The The Color Purple meditates on planetary concerns as well as on feminist and political issues in her most deeply spiritual work yet. She writes of our intimate connection with nature, focuses on racial questions, reports on trips to China, Bali, and Jamaica, and more
Table Of Contents
Journal (April 17, 1984) -- Am I blue? -- Father -- Trying to see my sister -- Dummy in the window -- Longing to die of old age -- Old artist -- My big brother Bill -- Journal (August 1984) -- Coming in from the cold -- Oppressed hair puts a ceiling on the brain -- Dear Joanna -- In the closet of the soul -- Journal (August 1983, October 1983, January 1984) -- Name is sometimes an ancestor saying Hi, I'm with you -- Thousand words -- Journey to nine miles -- My daughter smokes -- On Seeing red -- Journal (February 12, 1987) -- Not only will your teachers appear, they will cook new foods for you -- Everything is a human being -- "Nobody was supposed to survive" -- All the bearded irises of life -- Why did the Balinese chicken cross the road? -- Journal (June, September 1987) -- Universe responds
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