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Mini musings, miniature thoughts on theatre and poetry, Keith Garebian

Mini musings, miniature thoughts on theatre and poetry, Keith Garebian
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non fiction
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Mini musings
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Keith Garebian
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Essential essays series, 75
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miniature thoughts on theatre and poetry
Keith Garebian has been a freelance theatre scholar for over forty years and a poet with six collections to his credit. Inspired by American playwright Sarah Ruhl's 100 Essays I Don't Have Time to Write, his book is a series of miniature reflections, meditations, and ruminations on subjects encompassing matters of theatre and poetry, two subjects very close to Garebian's heart. The titles alone speak to the little book's uniqueness: "Watching Your Father Die on Stage," "Do Actors Love the Audience?" "Filthy Shakespeare," "Great Roles Can Be Cannibalistic," "Japanese Death Poems," "Poetry and Persian Wrestling," "What Story Does Poetry Tell?" "Armenian Poetry," and "Can There Be Poetry After Donald Trump?" Perceptive, witty, and intimate, the mini musings bubble with a sense of wonder, excitement, and intimacy. A vibrant, provocative series of mini musings that also affords insight into a particular artistic sensibility as several pieces are really slices of memoir and autobiography.--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Preface -- Theatre. (Part One: On acting). Completing the sentence, completing the thought -- The private self and the role -- The art of being private in public -- Watching your father die on stage -- Community theatre and why one goes into acting -- Child's play -- Do actors love the audience? -- On style in a play -- The lure of technique -- Researching the role -- Great roles can be cannibalistic -- Boy players -- Grammar of the feet -- Size in The Glass Menagerie -- Taking comedy seriously -- Genius in acting -- Genius can sometimes be too good for a country -- (Part Two: Plays and playwrights). Bad poets, good playwrights -- Robert Lepage's theatre of technology -- Telling the story -- Filthy Shakespeare -- Chekhov's birch trees -- The curious case of Ibsen -- Opening night of The Glass Menagerie on Broadway -- Edward Albee, R.I.P. -- (Part Three: Living theatre). Being part of living theatre -- Theatre as an academic practice -- PTSD in Shakespeare -- Sex in theatre biography -- Feeling responsible for the theatre -- Is there an objective standard of taste? -- On generalizations in the theatre -- POETRY. (Part One: on the reading of it). Public readings -- On "direct" readings -- The reading poet's voice -- For immediate pleasure -- Queen of the desert -- The drama of the adjective -- Benumbing adjectives -- The "I's" have it -- (Part Two: Genres). Found poems, collages -- The cento -- More on cento -- Oulipo -- Japanese death poems -- Post-Holocaust poetry -- Ingesting violence as witness -- Poetry survives the ages -- Armenian poetry -- How Armenian poetry is different from Canadian -- Volatile elements of poetry -- Indiqueer poets -- Poetry and Persian wrestling -- (Part Three: On theory and practice). "Schools" of poetry -- Mouthful of words, of breath -- Can there be poetry after Donald Trump? -- Derridean clones -- How postmodern poetry moves -- The hatred of poetry -- What story does poetry tell? -- When you explain it, poetry becomes banal -- Poetry is on the side of humanists -- Even Baudelaire wrote B.S. -- What William Carlos Williams meant -- Cultural appropriation -- How long does it take to write a book? -- Writing poems with a book structure in mind -- About the author
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