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English grammar, a complete introduction, Ron Simpson

English grammar, a complete introduction, Ron Simpson
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English grammar
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Ron Simpson
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Teach yourself
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a complete introduction
English is -- and always has been -- in a state of change. Derived from Old English, the effect of Latin, Norse and French on the language is obvious, but about the influence of settlers and migrants from all five continents over the last millennia? The English language is not fixed in a certain 'correct' form -- change is slow, but constant, and part of the richness of the language is the variety of acceptable forms. There is consensus, though, that the need to understand and use standard English remains essential. This book balances practical information with insight into the state of the language in a digital age, while covering all the key topics, and including a section of the use of punctuation
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The history of the English language -- Dividing the word : syllables and morphemes -- Nouns -- Pronouns -- Verbs -- Modifiers : adjectives and adverbs -- Function words : prepositions and conjunctions -- Phrases and clauses -- Kinds of sentences -- Direct and indirect speech -- Affixes : prefixes and suffixes -- Gender and grammar -- Register : formal and informal -- Spelling and punctuation
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Teach yourself English grammar, a complete introduction
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